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Cosmic Voice Bermuda Blue

Orb of Sound - Bermuda Blue

The Cosmic Voice is the second in the Orb Series and is known as the Orb of Sound and Blessings.Available in Clear, Bermuda Blue.
It can be worn on its own or be used with the Corona Orb.

Concentric Circles are used as resonance chambers in the amplification of sound vibration. They act to expand sound frequency. Therefore your personal frequency is sent to the centre of our Galaxy from where it is returned to you with the additional frequencies of Source.

The two squares represent the worlds of Reality and Illusion allowing one to differentiate between the two.

It is intended for use by everyone to set the intention to reconnect with that which they have chosen to accomplish in life. It will guide those new on their path as well as those who have already done much work in this regard. It could therefore be called a tool to assist in the Ascension process.

Orb of Sound - Bermuda Blue

 Only available from Tachyon Practioners, Consultants and Orionis CC

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