Tachyons have been used in a variety of ways to facilitate reconnection with your Higher Self by raising your personal vibrations.

It has long been established that we each have our own vibration that we work within and which seems to influence who we are, molded by our upbringing and the negative / positive influences in our lives. As we become more positive and live a positive lifestyle, miracles happen purely because our brains and chemistry work in a positive manner. It is not always easy to reach this positive state of mind and maintain with the stress and problems we experience.

Meditation is one way that helps to release stress and move us into a more positive state of mind. Prayer, another form of meditation, has similar effects. But how do we still the mind and move into that alternative state where we become a part of all and able to relax without our minds interfering?

MEDITATION: The Tachyon’s first role. Certain Tachyons facilitate meditation by allowing us to relax into the energy field they produce and so enter a state where the brainwaves slow down. Once this state is reached the meditation deepens and can take on specific qualities. Tachyon energy fields are always positive.

PENDANTS: Tachyon energy produced by the Abeiez pendant range affects the body by “loosening” deep seated blocks on an emotional or mental level allowing one to see old ingrained problems from a different perspective, and in doing so slowly release these blockages. When this is achieved our personal vibration is raised causing us to grow.
This can be equated to the Chaos Theory. The chaos being the blockages held in the body and the order resulting from the release thereof. We cannot attain growth without “Chaos” being involved as it is a fundamental law of the Universe known as “learning your lessons”.

ENERGY APPLICATIONS: These Tachyons, when used on the body during attunement sessions, do much the same as pendants, but more quickly. They align and energize our chakras passing energy into the Endocrine system and then on to the organs that each chakra influences. This raises the vibration of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies immediately, allowing them to be in harmony and communicate properly. After the attunement we feel positive, de-stressed, energised, and prepared to participate in our own programs of personal wellness which will inevitably bring us face to face with the spiritual side of our lives.
All of us need to strive to be the highest vibration that we possibly can be and letting go of blockages is integral to this process.

Attunement sessions and the wearing of pendants can be done simultaneously, but it is acceptable to use only one or the other. Tachyon energy is intelligent and knows what we require. All it does is deliver positive, “faster than the speed of light”, energy to our bodies, in doses that we can handle to enable us to take charge of our lives in the most positive way that we can.

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