Q. If my pendant is chipped can I still wear it?

A. Usually yes, provided there are no sharp edges to cut you. One of our Consultants will be able to dowse and check to what degree the chip has affected the pendant's efficiency. Provided it is still giving an output of tachyon energy greater that 70% we feel you could continue to use it. Less than 70%, the pendant should be replaced. Often breakages that are severe in nature are an indication that a new colour or shape of pendant is required.Beware the broken edge do not cut you.

Q. Can tachyon energy harm me?

A. Not at all. At worst it may over energise you which results in the chakras closing to protect themselves from absorbing any more energy. This closing down can result in your not being able to sleep, or make you feel tired and irritable.
In the case of a pendant, one needs to remove it off the body immediately. A meditation tool causing these symptoms should be put down and one should move away from it so that your aura is no longer influenced by the energy. Within a few minutes you will feel fine and the chakras will open and function normally again. 

Q. Will the pendant I buy be the only one I need?

A. If your aim is to move yourself into a higher vibration then you would need to follow a sequence of different colours and shapes. As the tachyon assists you to clear blockages in the mental emotional and physical fields you usually grow your spiritual body. As you master each level your vibrations move upward until you reach a personal highest level.
However if you are using tachyon to remove a stubborn blockage at one level and have no interest in growing yourself then the one you have will be the only one needed by choice.
The Orbs and Cosmic Voice and Cosmic Lens are different in this respect. In most cases the one that is suitable initially remains the only one you will need. However there are exceptions where this may not apply.All of these pendants can be used together under guidance from a Practioner or Consultant.

Q. What will happen if I wear my pendant for longer than the recommended wear time?

A. Initially you will feel fine, even wonderfully energetic. However once you reach your personal level then symptoms as described in No 2 above will occur. Always stick to the recommended wear times. It is suggested that setting the alarm on your cell phone to alert you to remove your pendant is one of the best ways to deal with this problem. Always take your pendant off and place it well away from your body once you have remembered to remove it.

Q. Why do the pendants have recommended wearing times?

A. Tachyon energy is extremely powerful and ones body needs to become acclimatized to the energy over a period. This acclimatizing varies from person to person but as you move through the programme you wear the pendant for longer periods until you are able to wear it all the time.

Q. How does the tachyon energy in the metal disks make negative energy good for you?

A. Tachyon has a positive spin and it influences left turning or negative energy to spin with a right turn thereby transmuting the energy from negative to positive.

Q. Do I need to clean my meditation tools/pendants as I would with crystals or minerals?

A. Tachyon items need no cleaning. The item you are using is only an aerial to attract tachyon energy. As this energy has a right spin it does not attract any negative energy and therefore requires no cleaning.

Q. Have the cell phone disks been tested at all to establish that they do work to protect one from harmful radiation?

A. Yes. They were tested in the U. K. by Coghill laboratories. The results were conclusive that they were able to do the work we claim they are able to do. The test results are held by our Company.

Q. We have been told that the Car Tachyon keeps one alert whilst driving. How does this work?

A. Cars are Faraday Cages, i.e. they contain the energy they hold and do not exchange energy between the exterior  and interior of the car whilst you are driving. A car disk on the windscreen draws tachyon energy into the car which keeps the occupants of the vehicle feeling fresh and alert.

Q. Can I wear or keep my tachyon together with my crystals and minerals?

A. Tachyon energy travels faster than the speed of light. Crystals are Earth energy. The two may be kept in the same room but they must never touch each other, especially for long periods of time. Wearing a crystal at the same time as wearing a tachyon pendant is fine, but use chains of different lengths so that the two items do not touch. Due to the tachyon being extremely energetic it compromises the lattice structure of the crystal or mineral which results in the crystal/mineral becoming brittle and later breaking.

Q. Can cell phone towers negative energy be neutralised by tachyon?

A. Yes. We have a special glass plate in the Feng Shui range that specifically sorts out this problem. It “bounces” the negative  energy back to the tower and energy entering the room will be transmuted to positive energy.In certain instances Geofos disks may also need to be used to achieve the desired results.

Q. Is there a tachyon we can use to fix the negative energy given off by computers?

A. We have a specially designed metal disk called a Comfos to do this job. Once this is placed on the back of the screen tiredness, irritability, red eyes are a thing of the past. The negative energy given off by the screen is transmuted to positive energy. The same disk is also used on laptops and usually placed over the battery of the laptop.

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