Having grown up in a home where herbal, homeopathic remedies and chiropractics were the order of the day I was exposed to much that was considered alternative. My late grandfather was well known in the Boland area as a dowser for water and my first experience at dowsing was with him when I was still very young.


It was only during the 1990’s that I discovered my own abilities to assist people using my hands to promote healing in an intuitive fashion. This in turn led me to crystals and minerals which quickly became my passion and led me to meet wonderful friends.


I was also fortunate during this time to be able to attend a Geopathic Stress workshop run by Slim Spurling, who came out from USA to teach this modality. What a wonderful soul he was. At this time I attended a Flower of Life workshop which irrevocably changed my life.


During 1998 I met Hans of Westgate Distributors who had brought Tachyon to South Africa. He introduced tachyon to me but as I was still working in a corporate environment I only had time to work with the Tachyon Pendants and the Fostac Disks.

Hans wanted me to become a Tachyon Practitioner but as I was still tied up with my corporate position this was not feasible.

My corporate involvement ended early in 2001 and within a short time I completed my Reiki Masters Certificate and underwent training as a Tachyon Practioner.From there I worked in the alternative  field using what I had been taught as well as giving instruction in crysta lattunements and Sacred Geometry. The Tachyons were my guiding light and their Sacred Energy guided me into times of growth and development.

Through this period I was supported in my efforts by my husband and our family.


Late in 2006 Hans of Westgate Distributors wanted someone to take over the glass side of the Tachyon products, and because we thought this an ideal opportunity to teach and develop the knowledge of Tachyon by training new Practioners and Consultants we reached an agreement and Orionis CC came into being.


The Name of the Company was dictated by the star system of Orion which to Astronomers is named ORIONIS. The numerology of this name encapsulated our vision for this Company.

Our daughter designed our logo which is the familiar overlapping circles showing a Vesica Pisces.

Only later did we realise how profound her choice of Sacred Geometric symbols was. On closer investigation we realised that the logo contains the two O’s in Orionis and the dot in the centre of the Vesica Pisces represents the two I’s in the name Orionis…or the Eyes of God.

The outer circumference of the circles are the sign of infinity…..for Gods love and infinity is everywhere.


This was a sign to us that our work was being guided.



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