Technically or scientifically speaking tachyons are characterized as a hypothetical subatomic particle with real energy but imaginary mass and which move faster than the speed of light. This energy has a positive spin, is unlimited, and is found everywhere. As tachyon has no frequency and travels faster than light there is no direct interaction with our senses, and we therefore are not aware of them.To maintain a balanced and fully functional mental spiritual emotional and physical body we need to keep ourselves supplied with positive energy.As tachyon is part of a universal energy field which we are also part of, it becomes a bridge between parts of the energy of our consciousness and that of the universe. Tachyon energy is “intelligent”, and therefore understands how and where we need it.During the early 1970’s devices were designed to “capture” this energy. These devices alter the subatomic structure of an item so that it is able to act as an aerial and attract the tachyon particles. We call this capturing of the particles tequencing. Only natural substances are able to hold the tequencing effect.Products are available in glass, cotton and special metal blends.

"To find the secrets of the Universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla
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