What are Tachyons?
Technically or scientifically speaking tachyons are characterized as a hypothetical subatomic subtle particle with real energy but imaginary mass and which move faster than the speed of light. This energy has a positive spin, is unlimited and is found everywhere.
As early as the turn of the 20th century Nicolas Tesla was experimenting with this and other forms of “free energy”. Many others have studied it and during the mid 1990’s the quantum physicist Ernst Wall provided the mathematical proof of the existence of these particles, which he published under the title “The Physics of Tachyons”.
As Tachyon has no frequency and travels faster than light there is no direct interaction with our senses, and we therefore are simply not aware of them.

Why do we need Tachyon?
Our bodies cannot tolerate negative vibrational fields and when we are exposed to them we manifest dis-ease. To maintain a balanced and fully functional mental, spiritual, emotional and physical body we need to keep our bodies supplied with positive energy. Each and every organ within our physical bodies can only function to a degree of their potential without the benefits of positive energy, which tachyon can supply.
Physicists have found that all energies that are present and available are here for a reason. Our bodies are in a constant battle with pollutants and chaotic energies to maintain some form of equilibrium. Having tachyon available  helps our bodies to return to this perfect form.
Constant use of tachyon will change the overall frequency of our personal vibrations. As Tachyon is part of a universal energy field, which we are also part of, it becomes a bridge between parts of the energy of our consciousness and that of the Universe. Tachyon energy is “Intelligent”, and therefore understands how and where we need it and gently supports us through our life journey, helping us to clear blockages on the mental and emotional levels, providing physical energy and ultimately growing us spiritually back to God.
The good news…. you are the driver!
You do not give your power away to anyone. You learn to take responsibility for yourself while being held and helped in a quiet, effective unassuming way.

So where do we get this Energy From?
During the early 1990’s devices were designed to “capture” this energy. The first application was made in Japan, the second in America and the third in Germany. There are subtle differences in the machines that energise the materials used but basically they are all able to alter the subatomic structure of an item so that it is able to act as an aerial and attract the Tachyon particles. Items that have been tequenced in this manner will draw an abundance of tachyon energy to themselves continuously.

What can be Tequenced?
Anything can be tequenced, but it has been discovered that only natural substances are able to hold the tequencing effect for an indefinite period. Man made items will gradually loose the ability to draw in Tachyon particles.
American and German products are available in glass and cotton, silk or wool. Metal disks are also being tequenced.
Glass has been found to be one of the best substances to make pendants and therapy tools from, while metal disks have been found to be more suitable for use in counteracting electrosmog and geopathic stress.
Items that have been tequenced do not need any form of cleansing from negative energies as they simply draw in energy in a POSITIVE spin. This implies that glass and metal tachyons can be touched and used by anyone without their personal energy being absorbed. All items made from natural material e.g. Cotton or Silk can be washed as frequently as needed without affecting the tequencing effect.

What is special about the products available in South Africa
The glass products available in South Africa were first introduced in 1997 and  come from the ABEIEZ range of Tachyons. Today we still import from the ABEIEZ range which has been updated to include beautiful new tools. Their designs are based entirely in Sacred Geometry and are easily identified by the “A*Z” sandblasted onto each item.
The ranges of metal disks were developed in South Africa by Westgate Distributors but are now made to the same standards by Orionis CC. They are made locally from metals with each disk being gold plated to ensure good conductivity of  tachyon energy. Cellphone disks have been tested by Coghill Laboratories in the U.K. to measure their effectiveness in transmuting the negative energy generated by cellphones. The tests were done using live white blood cells and results showed that these cells were not affected by the cellphone radiation in the protected test. All the white blood cells were destroyed in the unprotected control.

The Products
The original glass range of products includes pendants which are available in 15 colours and four shapes and are only available from trained Practitioners or Consultants. An additional range of  pendants named Orbs have since become available in South Africa only.
In addition there are a number of tools used to balance the subtle bodies, tools for meditation, and tools to balance the energies in a room. Our practioners/consultants are trained in the use of these products and are able to give advice as necessary.
Lastly there is a range of glass Feng Shui disks that are positioned in rooms to assist with the personal energies of people using the room.They assist in transmuting of  negative energy from cellphone towers and the transmuting of certain negative geopathic stress fields.
All of these tools assist in self development by increasing the availability of this subtle universal energy to create a positive, constructive highly charged environment.
The metal disks are made specifically to transmute negative energies from cellphones (Fostac and Smart Fostac); computers, TV’s and microwaves (Comfos); geopathic stress (Geofos), and lastly the Fufos disk which is fitted to the Distribution Board within a building to transmute the negative energy surrounding the electrical wiring. They are also used to counteract the effect of negative energy given off by Routers used in Wi-Fi applications as well as alarm systems. ES E-fos cards have been developed to carry in the pocket to provided added protect against electrosmog (EMR),

We also supply tequenced water that carries an abundance of tachyons for use in a myriad of ways. Most of us know and understand that water is highly programmable from the work done by Dr Masaru Emoto. Water that has been tequenced is filled with the potential of “All that Is” and is used to energise drinks or spray onto the physical body. It can be taken internally in limited amounts. Read more about the properties of energised water in a newly released book by Ulrich Holst call “the Healing properties of Energised Water”.

Our South African products include a range of four differently coloured tequenced glass pebbles. Aqua coloured pebbles are used to energise water while the clear and indigo pebbles are used to harmonise/energise tablets and cosmetics. The water pebbles have been shown to be particularly effective as the intelligent energy reads the body’s requirements to act either as a diuretic, or alternatively to assist with water retention at cellular level. This has been confirmed by biofeedback results from the Scio and Best machines.
The green pebbles are used for Earth Healing and are placed in a Sacred Geometry layout for which full directions are included in the packaging.

In Summary
We are all made of matter which is vibrating. Using Tachyons will increase our vibrational frequencies to the highest point that we are comfortable with. As our vibrations increase we will bring in the necessary lessons to enable us to grow, to what we chose to incarnate here for and in this way help us to achieve our goals.

Products and attunements are available from our approved Practioners/Consultants. Please contact us for their details or refer the website for their details.

Mary Martin

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