ENERGY can NOT be destroyed but only converted to a different stage!

We apply this physical law to change negative energy into positive energy by creating order from disorder.

Empty space “exists” between atoms in which the atomic nuclei of protons, neutrons and electrons circulate.

The space is in fact not empty; on the contrary it contains a lot of energy. This was verified by Oliver Crane in 1960, and this space holds great energy potential.

This is where we enter the scene. Using our know-how, we change the quality of energy contained in this “empty” space. With the Tequencing process (Energizing Process), this energy is brought into order and given a positive spin. It is this positive spin which produces the effect that tachyon products are able to influence any kind of matter. This is an influence that can be energetically confirmed. During the process of tequencing, the “mechanical” frequencies and vibrations of this inter-material space are changed.


In a device which has been constructed in accordance with biophysical laws, products to be tequenced are exposed to energy fields for a specific period of time. This way they receive their vibration. After the process of tequencing, each product has the quality of an “antenna”, and will interact with the inexhaustible tachyon energy already present on Earth. During the process of tequencing the inter-material space of the item being energised is indefinitely changed. Tachyons products result from this process and act on matter reminding matter of its original order or its ideal matrix.

Effects and Principles

Generally speaking we can think of Tachyons causing equilibrium as their initial effect. The results you will have are:

  • Tachyons know exactly where a problem lies. This energy is intelligent.
  • They can discover disharmonies and “immediately” balance them
  • Tachyons know how organic systems “function” at their best

Sources of Negative Energy

Manmade Sources

Electrosmog caused by; Microwave emitting communicating towers, Cellphones, Cell Phone Masts, Cordless Phones, TV’s,Routers, PC Monitors, High Voltage Power Lines and wiring in domestic homes and offices.

Natural Sources

Geopathic Stress (GS) i.e. Curry Lines, Hartman Grid, Underground streams and rivers and Fault lines. These are found everywhere on the planet. There is no escaping that at least two of these sources will be affecting your living space.

Note: Geopathic stress and Electrosmog does not cause the illness but allows the auto immune system to be compromised thereby inhibiting the body’s natural defense system from working.

Both man made and natural sources can be avoided or changed by applying the relevant disks listed below.

Metal Disks

Fostac and Smart Fostac: for Cellphones, Cordless phones and Tablets

Geo- Tac;  Used for Geopathic Stress

Com-Tac;  Used for PC monitor, Laptops, TV’s and Microwave Ovens

Fu-Tac;   Used for Distribution Boards in the Home and Office, Electrical Fences and Wi-Fi Routers

Geopathic Stress and Electrosmog

Geopathic Stress (GS) and Electrosmog are the most common factors in long term and serious illnesses and psychological conditions.

For more information on Geopathic Stress and Electrosmog and how it affects you please contact us. We will advise you on how to correct these problems.

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