For many years people have been aware of specific areas that seem to hold disharmonious vibrations. Those who are sensitive feel this disharmony immediately, but the majority of people are unaware of it. The feeling produced in the body is that of stress which as we know today is responsible for many illnesses.

This disharmony was found to be coming from Earth herself and caused by specific anomalies. What was noticeable was that when people lived in areas affect by Geopathic Stress they became ill, often displaying Auto Immune diseases, tiredness, and an inability to sleep, as well as general depression and irritation. Negative earth energies were affecting their lives.

This information has been know about for centuries and trained kinesiologists, dowsers and Radiaesthete’s have been able to find the negative lines and correct the disharmony or imbalance, bringing the area back into harmony and allowing those living in these areas to heal.

This phenomenon has been found to be associated with underground streams, fault lines in the underlying strata of rocks, as well as Hartmann and Curry lines.
It would appear that a standing wave of negative pulsing energy emanate from these features.
It is of interest that not only those who are sensitive feel this negative effect but very young children are aware of it. Moving a young child from a cot which is positioned away from this energy into a bed positioned within it may result in the child refusing to sleep in that bed.

To briefly describe each of these phenomena;


Hartmann Lines;

Also known as the Hartmann Grid and named after the individual who researched and established it, this grid is positioned along the lines of magnetic North / South and East / West. He established that two of these directions bring positive earth energy while the other two a flow of negative earth energy.
His investigations led him to discover that when our bodies are exposed to the negative energy flow, illness is caused. This illness was found to be made worse when the human body was exposed to the crossing of two of the negative lines i.e. negative energy from the south and the east in the Southern Hemishere and North and West in the Northern hemisphere. At the point of the crossing the negative effect intensifies.
Further it was found that blocking or transmuting the negativity of these lines brought healing in many forms. The disease seems to stem from the fact that when the body is under negative stress it does not receive the energy that it requires to remain healthy.
It is further thought that the grid is of cosmic origin as it intensifies with the advent of Sun Spots and other Solar Events. It is considered that as the sun gives off electromagnetically charged particles they may stream into the magnetic field of the earth creating the grid.

Curry Lines;

Following on Dr Hartmann’s investigations further evidence of negative earth energies emerged in a new array of negative energy lines that were discovered by Dr Curry. These lines were found to be running at a 90degree angle to the Hartmann lines. Initially it was thought that these lines were fixed, similar to the Hartmann lines, but it has now been established that they move.
Military establishments such as HAARPE send out high frequency signals into the Ionosphere which then bounce back onto and into the surface of the earth affecting this grid. Depending on the frequencies and directions of the stream of these signals they cause the Curry Lines or Curry Net to move.
It appears that whilst America installed the first such installation in Alaska, we have now found many other countries have similar installations although none as intense as HAARPE. It has been found that these frequencies cause further negative stress to the body and are also responsible for Auto Immune Illnesses.
Again, as with all net grids, any crossing points are extremely unfavorable.

As with the Hartmann lines, the Curry Lines are found all over the earth’s surface.

Underground Water Steams;

Tests using several of the disciplines mentioned above have established that water will move through earth with either a right spin or a left spin. Water with a right spin has been found to have healing properties. Hundreds of years ago in the U.K. and Europe many churches were built over springs of water that had these healing properties.
It is however more usual for underground water to develop a left spin which causes a subtle alteration to the water molecules which in turn generates a negative energy. Again this is experienced as a standing wave of negative energy. As with any negative energy this is not acceptable to your body, and should you be living or working over underground water that is left turning as you can expect to experience Auto Immune illnesses as well as the other documented problems associated with the flow of negative energy.
We would also mention that all water traveling through pipes in towns and cities has a left turning frequency that does not supply the body adequately with “whole” water, which the cellular structure requires.

Underground Fault Lines;

We all know that the earth’s crust is unstable and that it moves. Earthquakes many miles away send seismic activity through the crust. In Southern Africa we have huge mining operations that are the deepest in the world and periodically we hear about rock bursts which generate seismic shock waves through the crust. All these seismic activities can cause slippages of large areas of rock underground. Where this has occurred, whether relatively recently or aeons ago, a standing wave of negative energy is sent to the surface where it radiates out into the atmosphere , similar to underground streams, this wave of energy causes illnesses.

Other more subtle forms of negative energy sinks are described by the U.K. based Kinesiologist, Jane Thurnall-Read. Her books describe the above in great detail. The Internet is also a great source of information in this respect.

We suggest you read up on this subject as it may be causing you and your pets or animals great distress. Horses are particularly susceptible to Geopathic Stress. For your own health we cannot recommend too strongly that your home be cleared of this very dangerous form of stress. It cannot be seen but only felt by the body. A treated property feels peaceful and comfortable and one gets the sense of “being at home”; this is simply because the body is free of the stress factor that it registers and reacts to.

We recently treated a property of a dog breeder who for the past 10 years had not been successful in getting one of her dog types to breed. After clearing the area of the property the bitch successfully had a litter of 12 puppies, all well and healthy.

To summarise; our bodies cannot cope with negative energy and so perceives it as stress; doctors say that stress from work or relationships affect us so adversely that they cause heart attacks, depression and other illnesses and now they are finding that “common” stress causes far more problems than they had ever thought possible. Imagine then the factor of the negative Earth Energies added to that and the result it all has on the body.

Our partner company developed the Geo-Fos Disk to correct all Geopathic Stress situations.

Be informed and find out more about this potentially hazardous health issue. ASK A GEOPATHIC STRESS CONSULTANT TO CARRY OUT A SURVEY ON YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. Take the remedial action advices and live a happier stress free life.

NB Please note that Geopathic Stress lines ARE NOT Ley lines. Ley lines are lines of communication set up by ancient peoples thousands of years ago. Refer Jane Thurnall-Read on this topic.

Geopathic Stress in Nature;

Certain trees and plants prefer to grow either in negative or positive energy. Roses, azaleas, privet, celery, apple pear nut beech and lime trees prefer areas of positive energy.
Oak, elderberry, cherry, plum, apricot, and fir/pine trees prefer areas of negative energy.

When a tree is planted in energy it is not tolerant to it will twist as it grows and even lean to one side as it tries to escape the energy that it has been planted in.
Animals also respond to Geopathic stress. When dogs are left to find their own place they will automatically seek an area of positive energy. Cats do the reverse and seek an area of negative energy.


Electro Smog is the common term used to describe negative energy emitted by a variety of electrical items including cell phones and cell phone masts.


Electrical wiring is surrounded by an electromagnetic field and electrical wiring running through our offices and homes, electric fences and the like, carries  electromagnetic energy which is negative by nature and which spreads all around you. This negative energy rather like Geopathic Stress affects your body adversely.
A Fu-Tac placed on the Distribution Board in your home or office transmutes or harmonises this negative energy so that the electromagnetic field is changed to positive. This energy will then flow into all of the smaller appliances allowing them to give off a positive energy field

Computers Televisions and Microwave cookers;

Computer monitors, whether flat screen or the older version, Laptops and Microwave ovens give off a huge amounts of negative energy. Common symptoms associated with this energy radiation are lack of concentration, mental fatigue, tiredness, sore eyes, and headaches plus increased incidences of illness.
By fixing a Com-Tac Disk to each of these appliances the negative energy is transmuted or harmonised to produce a positive energy field.

Cell Phones and Cordless Phones, USB sticks, Hands Free Car Receivers , Hands Free Headsets;

Cell phones are recorded as giving off varying amounts of negative radiation. The level of radiation is not shown on cell phones in South Africa but other countries have legislated that the level of radiation be disclosed on a sticker on the phone.
In this way purchasers make an informed decision as to what level of radiation they are prepared to work in. America is in the process of legislating that this policy of disclosure be adopted in all of their States.

Cordless phones that communicate with a base set, Bluetooth USB wireless sticks and hands-free car sets as well as headsets, use a wireless technique to communicate. This wireless application  gives off radiation signals which mimic those used between your body and brain. Wireless applications are extremely dangerous when not protected, due to their interference with our body’s natural processes.
Some of the most common experiences found from using these appliances are;
Hot Ears, Headaches, Mental fatigue, Lack of Concentration and Tiredness.

Westgate Distributors in Cape Town developed the Fostac Chip which they sent to Coghill Laboratories in England for testing.
The tests were conducted on live white blood cells. The protected phone did not harm the cells but in the control which had an unprotected phone, all the white blood cells were destroyed. Thus it can be said that Fostac Chip harmonised the radiation and makes the cell phone safe to use. We have developed the Smart DD to also be used on cellphones and tablets. This small card with a metal disk included in the design will work in the same way as the Fostac, with an unlimited life span. Using either of these protective devices on your Smartphone will improve your health and protect your body from the negative radiation emissions.

Wi Fi Routers;

One of the latest items tested in America for giving off of microwave radiation signals that closely mimic those used by our bodies, is the Wi-Fi Router which is used for Internet access. In fact the tests showed that this single item caused more problems in our body than had ever been suggested. Research done by Barrie Trower, an expert in the microwave radiation field has stated that areas saturated with Wi- Fi will result in increased levels of illness as the Auto Immune System becomes compromised. He also states that women working in a Wi-Fi area will show an increased risk of Breast Cancer.
We have found that using our Fu-Tac Disk on the Router harmonises the negative radiation. Walking through a shopping mall one is exposed to various Wi-Fi areas even to the point where the entire mall can be a Wi-Fi zone giving off negative microwave frequencies.
Here the body is at high risk due to the radiation interfering with our normal body signals.
Wearing the credit card sized ES-Efos Card in your pocket protects your body from these signals as it places a barrier of positive energy around your body. It is highly recommended that both the phone be protected as well as your body as the newer frequencies associated with wi-fi and cellphone towers is most harmful.

Cell Phone Masts and Microwave Transmitting Masts;

Again reference Barrie Trower’s research on this incredibly harmful system that we all live with. (Google his name for the information.)
According to his information, nobody should live or work within 1.5 km of such masts because they give off such incredibly high Microwave energy that seriously affects your health.
Using the Glass Feng Shui 8 pointed star plates in conjunction with Geo-tac disks should protect your house against the energy from these towers. (Refer to our website under heading “Feng Shui Range”)

As a Company we have dedicated our work to assisting everyone to become healthy in mind body and spirit. Our products are manufactured with much love and with one aim which is to assist you all in the quest for a healthy lifestyle.

Mary Martin

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