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Cosmic Soul Bermuda Blue


This Orb embodies the ability to remind one of the first time one’s soul left Source and created its own physical awareness of that creation. It reminds one of the original colours and geometric form one took as one left Source prior to incarnation.

 This allows one to heal at Soul level and move back in consciousness through all incarnations, correcting that which needs healing.

 It adjusts one’s Merkabah Field to the correct aspect, which in turn heals the emotional body through the Heart Chakra, allowing the Heart to connect with Soul and with the Higher Heart. In this alignment, the Higher Heart will adjust the physical heart to allow the down pouring of information and blessings from above, which opens the physical heart to compassion. One may shed tears as this reconnection occurs.

This Orb opens the doorway through which one needs to travel to reach the Light behind the light — reaching upward into the Father Universe. Loneliness will disappear — loneliness is of this dimension, falsely created as once we have connected with the Brotherhood of Man we are connected to the entirety of the Universe (Unified Field Theory or Unity Consciousness).

It heightens the senses and allows for clarity of thought, enhancing one’s innate healing abilities and talents.

Individuals who wear this Orb will notice becoming extremely sensitive to harmonics. Should one be in an area of disharmony, one will quickly move into a more harmonious area. The wearers will surround themselves with quietness and harmony, as this frequency will best support their own inner harmony, peace and joy

Only available from Tachyon Practitioners,Consultants and Orionis CC.

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