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Cosmic Lens Bermuda Blue

Orb of Sight - Bermuda Blue

The Cosmic Lens is the third in the Orb Series and can be worn independently from the other pendants or used simultaneously with the first two Orbs.Available in Clear and Bermuda Blue colours.

The Laser diagram shows 4 Vesica Pisces, 4 Butterfly wings and a Maltese Cross. In addition to these are the North/South, East/West lines.

The Butterfly Wings are indicative of Chaos Theory. To establish Order one requires a period of Chaos. We need to understand that that which we call “Order” is a form of Cosmic Chaos, and Order in its proper form is yet to come. What we call Order is an illusion we have created for ourselves. We live in a world of Cosmic Chaos and it is time for Cosmic Order to be created here. Wearing this pendant allows one to work within Cosmic Order and insert greater values of this Higher Order onto this planet.

The Vesica Pisces are lenses which “connect” to the arms of the Maltese cross and allow past, present, and future to be viewed as one. This voids time as we know it in this dimension.
These 4 lenses connected to the Maltese cross allow the Wearer of the pendant to move into a timeless zone which in turn allows for a Rectification of Light Energy raising Light vibrations as we work with coming changes.
They assist in connecting the left/right brain function allowing one to become receptive to a Divine Calling held within the Higher Light which is available to those wishing to use this for Universal application.

Orb of Sight -Bermuda Blue

Only available from Tachyon Practitioners,Consultants and Orionis CC.

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