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Cosmic Body

Orb of Wholeness - Crystal Clear

The Laser design depicts the 5 triangular fields at the top of an Icosahedron. Superimposed on this is the picture the Flower of Life. The Icosahedron is representative of the element water, whilst the seed of the Flower of Life holds all the possibilities of life as represented by the 5 platonic solids.

Water, one of the main constituents of the body, allows the body to be whole and it is that which retaines the higher vibrations we need.

Water is our link to the Cosmos and Cosmic Infinity. We therefore become infinite through the water in our body.

It is time to rejoin the Cosmic Connection by dissolving in and through the water present in our body to allow us to become Infinite again and part of Unity Consciousness.

The shapes, all inherent in the Flower of Life, have been found to exist in the tiniest of sub atomic structures to the Largest Planets around us.

Only available from Tachyon Practitioners,Consultants and Orionis CC.

Orb of Wholeness - available in Crystal Clear and Bermuda Blue

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