pendant head


Orb of Healing - Bermuda Blue

This ancient symbol used for centuries in China and Tibet is also known as
The Rainbow Bridge. It is a powerful symbol which creates a positive effect
on the chakra system and Auric Field. It aids in supporting those who
practice the healing arts as well as supporting those who are working on
healing themselves.

It assists in bridging the gap between the physical mind and the Higher Self
hence the name Rainbow Bridge. The drawing of the Antahkarana is attributed
to a Council of Ascended Masters who in ancient times saw that those on
Earthplane had lost their connection to their Higher Self and they wished to
correct this situation. They sent the drawing where it was used in
meditation to re- establish the link from the Mind to the Higher Self once

This tachyon can therefore also be used in meditation as it helps to bring
Wisdom and Clarity into one's life.

Only available from Tachyon Practitioners,Consultants and Orionis CC.

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