pendant head

5 Tree Orb


Five Trees is a metaphor for the 5 Bodies of man.
In this geometric drawing one sees a Christmas tree in each arm of the pentagram. The trunks of the trees extend into the centre Dodecahedron, and in so doing “create” 5 seed pods amid the tree trunks. These pods can be called the seeds of your future self.
This pattern assists these 5 bodies in their operation; so that once their operations have been perfected we will be more ready for the ascension process. It will assist in helping us cope with the huge energy influx onto this planet and which affects the entire Solar System.
For ascension we all need to work together to raise our level of consciousness. For this we need at all times to be in a loving expression, kind and forgiving  toward The All, for we are part of the All and the All is part of us. (In Lak’esh)

Only available from Tachyon Practitioners,Consultants and Orionis CC.

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