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Vital Soma water 50ml

50ml with spray

This purified water available in a 100ml and 50ml spray bottle,filled with an abundance of tachyon energy. The energised water re-in forms the cellular structure of its perfect state and as result the body’s frequency is raised to a vibration where viruses and germs may not survive. The water can also be used to spray into the Auric Field to provide an instant lift of energy. This water can be used internally under supervision of a Practioner, as careful consideration needs to be taken regarding the quantity used. Results from using this water will display withing 15-20 minutes on a Dark Screen Microscope.

Animals have also been found to benefit from the use of this water. Sprayed onto wounds assists healing and taken internally supports the animal in regaining homoestasis. Care should be taken as to the quantity given when used internally.

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