meditation head


30 mm 15 Colours

Available in 15 colours with a diameter of either 30mm

These may be useful in dealing with pain, fears and emotional problems. If used regularly with intent during meditation the support for the user becomes greater. It assists in balancing the body and stimulating all cellular structures. The smaller spheres will protect the physical body against electro smog by magnifying the auric field.

The larger spheres are wonderful to place under your bed.They give off a Tachyon field that envelopes the bed. Dowsing would indicate the best colour to use in this instance. We would recommend one of the following colours for this use; turquoise, green, clear, or lilac.

Larger spheres revitalize living spaces and offices as the energy radiates outward from the centre of the sphere to fill the room. Small spheres used in front of a computer monitor bring disturbing electromagnetic fields into order.

Spheres are feminine in energy and hold the potential of all 5 of the Platonic solids, including Metatron’s Cube.

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